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Deesse Divine

Road Opener Chime Candles

Road Opener Chime Candles

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Comes in a set of 4, these layered candles have been dipped in prosperity honey, money & road opener oils, black sand, herbs, sigils and covered in abundance candle wax and painted with 24k gold.

Good for:

-Burning 1 every week/month to open your roads.

-Set up around a Money candle in each corner to connect the energy.

-Burn on top of a spell jar. 


Write out petition and place it directly under a fire safe surface whichyou will place the candle on top of to burn. To secure the candle, burn a little of the bottom of the candle then stand it on the plate and hold to secure it in place. 

Candles burns for 6 hours and are 6-8” long.


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