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Deesse Divine

Good Fortune Ritual Kit

Good Fortune Ritual Kit

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Sage Smudge Stick: Always smudge your space and items prior to your rituals. Open your windows and allow all negative energy to leave your space.

Conjured Money Drawing Oil: Attract financial blessings into your life. This oil has been conjured under multiple Full Moons and blessed by the direction of my Ancestors.

Don Dinero 7 Knob Ritual Candle: Comes inscribed with magical sigils, drenched in blessed herbs and conjured oils. Burn one knob a day for 7 days straight. Can be burned on your Honey Jars or in conjunction with Mr. Money candles. Burn on Thursday, the day of Jupiter for massive affect.

Aventurine Crystal: Known in the gemstone world as one of the luckiest stones, which makes it a must-have for inviting good luck and prosperity into your life.

Pyrite Crystal: When you have financial anxiety or lack focus and motivation within your career/money goals, this crystal will bring the calm you desire

Citrine Crystal: The money stone, success stone
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