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Deesse Divine

Aligned Chakras Candle

Aligned Chakras Candle

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Made with Palm Oil, this candle was prepared with seven colors that represent abundance, prosperity, protection, strong love, wisdom, good health and success.

Their use of palm oil as a primary ingredient gives these candles a unique look and burn. Many consider these candles to be among the strongest and most effective. This is especially true when their size is taken into account. Burn these candles to solve your problem and conquer all of your conditions! Super Charged and Super Scented to bring you what you most need in life. These candles are 6 1/2″ in height and 2 1/2″ in width. These candles come with easy to follow instructions in English and Spanish. These candles can burn for 72 hours (3 Days).

A SUPER CHARGED CANDLE for all your needs and desires to be taken care of at once.

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